Disabled clubbers ‘refused entry’ to Club Chemistry

A disabled student claims she has suffered discrimination in Canterbury’s biggest nightclub.

20-year-old law student Dana Johnston claimed she was discriminated against because of her disability in Club Chemistry.


Dana enjoying a night out with friends in Tokyo Tea Rooms.


She said: “I went there (Club Chemistry) for a night out and they told me because of my disability I was a health and safety risk”.

Miss Johnston was asked to fill out an evacuation plan form and told to stay on the ground floor in the three story club.

She said: “I used the disabled toilet which is on bottom floor, and staff got me to fill out an evacuation plan form. They told me I would need to stay on the bottom floor, but I had booked a VIP booth on the top floor.”

“I know I am able enough to get up the stairs so my friends held my frame and assisted me as I went up to top floor.  When I got up there, I was approached by a member of security who told me I had to go back down to the bottom floor.”

This comes after damming reviews were posted to Trip Advisor where other customers claim they have had similar experiences in the same club.


The review from Trip Advisor.

The club’s page hit back saying: “We have regular customers who have a range of disabilities including cerebral palsy who visit us regularly and as a company we are proud to offer the only regular disability club night in Kent.”

Miss Johnston, who also has cerebral palsy, has said staff need to be more considerate and more needs to be done to cater to disabilities.

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