Dover makes history with a new female bishop

History was made in Kent when Rose Hudson Wilkin became the first black female bishop of Dover.

A former chaplain to the Queen and chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons. She was consecrated at St Paul’s cathedral in an intimate ceremony, where she takes over from the former bishop Trevor Willmott. Who recently retired this year at the age of 69 after nearly ten years in the ministry.

This event has and continues to be a very special and historical moment for the town of Dover, as before Wilkin there had never been another female bishop in the history of The Church of England, let alone a black female bishop.

Not only did Wilkin make history by becoming the first black female bishop, but she made history a year earlier by leading the prayer at the highly publicised and anticipated Royal Wedding between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Megan and Harry, where an estimated 1.9 million people tuned in.


The event which was deemed as the most diverse royal wedding in history, is just one of many occasions where Wilkins has been able to showcase why she is the perfect candidate to be the bishop of Dover.

The close links between Wilkins and the Archbishop, who was the one that introduced her to the world as the new Bishop of Dover has increased community spirit and strengthened the ties between the two towns.

Canterbury Cathedral has also received much more publicity, showcasing all of the hidden gems it has to offer.