Patrol leader warns ‘Canterbury is becoming a smaller place to hide’ for ducks

As more ducks are being killed in Canterbury, one local is urging residents to join the recently launched protection patrol.

The group has now reached 43 members and is growing week by week.

It was revealed late last month that several ducks had been killed in Westgate Gardens, Canterbury. The animals were found dead next to a river that runs through the park in St Peter’s Street.

James, who has set up the ‘non-violent approach group’ in Canterbury, says that finding out about the recent events made his ‘blood boil’.

“Since a young teenager I’ve been involved in helping local waterfowl as an enthusiast. Incubating and hatching abandoned eggs from my pond, raising orphans & caring for injured ducks. Well over 100 To date.

So far this year, twenty-two ducklings have left our garden, 7 were rescued orphans which we managed to find a new surrogate mother duck and now are back in the Stour.”

Canterbury City Council revealed that a witness saw someone using a slingshot.

James has been caring for ducks for years.

James says that since multiple attacks have happened around Kent that he will be “spending the majority of my spare time dedicated to tracking the culprits.”

The are currently working every day, in multiple teams, at random times to track down the culprits.

“I’m hoping these culprits begin to feel Canterbury is becoming a smaller place to hide.

I now actively stand between these cowards, I will find them, I will continue to look for them and they will be held responsible

James and his team urge students to get involved in helping these innocent animals by messaging him and joining the patrols.

James has been using social media to get people involved.

Anyone that has any information please call the police on 101.


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