Ex homeless woman shares her experiences

Ex homeless woman, Becky, 28, is a young woman wants to share her experiences of her time as a homeless woman. She was helped by Porchlight and wanted to get her story out so people can hear first-hand the sorts of things that happen to these women and what they have to go through.

Porchlight is a homeless charity in Canterbury that is available to help homeless people who may need help getting off the streets and put into accommodation.


Becky spent the majority of her adult life on the streets so now she wants to share her story to make other people aware what it’s really like to be a female living on the streets.

Becky’s reason for becoming homeless was due to her traumatic childhood. Like many other vulnerable women in this position, she was abused and exploited while being a rough sleeper.


Becky wants to share her experiences of being on the streets

‘Occasionally I would be kicked awake by drunks or spat on.’

‘Being homeless is not a choice. There needs to be more understanding of people’s stories.’

Becky has also taken her time to thank the charity Porchlight for helping her get her life back on track and help her get to where she needs to be.

‘Porchlight doesn’t just house people – it moves them forward. It knows that everyone’s circumstances are unique and takes the time to understand the type of help that you need so that no one falls through the net.’

‘I’m so grateful to Porchlight. I’d probably be back out there if it wasn’t for them.’

Becky is now looking towards a much more positive future and is even volunteering at one of Porchlights partner homeless charity to give back the help that she was given to get her life back on track.