Explained: Climate change and the importance of it

You cant go anywhere without hearing about climate change, global warming and extinction of our wildlife species. Experts say we are in a state of emergency due to our demand for food and energy.

Currently, our demand is at a much faster rate than we are actually discovering them and if we continue at this pace food scarcity would also come into play.

With this in mind, there are many things we can do to preserve our planet and get a grip on controlling the climate before its too late. Yeside Fawehinmi explains just how important it is to control our climate.


What is climate change?

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) claim that the warmer our planet gets, the more climate patterns will change. The increasing levels of greenhouse gases and use of fossil fuels which will bring to the forefront unpredictable weather around the world with some places being hotter, some being drier and some being wetter. These constant changes have already started having significant impacts on all of its inhabitants.


What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

The United Nations (UN) declared that there are 17 goals we should aim to meet in order to secure a better environment in the future.

Watch the video to see what they are.

How can our habits be more sustainable?


Changing our behaviours can be a difficult thing to do because it doesn’t change overnight. In fact, how we consume things is very important.

The Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) put out a declaration of climate control emergency. It warns that people are going to have to think about the way they use single-use plastics and possibly become Vegan or vegetarian so less meat can be consumed.


The Sustainability Officer at CCCU, Maz Hamilton, suggests people need to start “caring about their environment” if we want to be more sustainable.

“You have to get people to start caring about their environment; about what they eat, what they buy- thats the only way to change behaviours. Over the last few months, its become apparent that we need to take action NOW and safeguard our future.

“For many people all over the world, its already happening and too late, the impact of climate change is really happening quite severely. But here in the UK we can do something and we need to be doing it now.” she goes on to say.


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