Explained: Everything you need to know about Record Store Day in Kent

It’s the annual day that music lovers and vinyl enthusiasts have been waiting for, when special editions and re-issues will be snapped up proving that independent record shops are still going strong.

The vinyl revival is showing no signs of slowing down with 4.1 million records sold in the UK last year, the highest level since 1991.

So when did it start, how can you can get involved and what does it involve? Read on to find out.

When is it?

Record Store Day happens on any Saturday during April, this year it falls on April 21st.

What is it?

Record Store Day started in 2007 and has since grown to be a global event supported by the BBC music.

It is the one day of the year when over 200 independent record shops in the UK to celebrate the much loved and unique format. The day will include vinyl lovers to get their hands on special releases, watch artist performances in store and other events.

Why is it important?

On the most basic level, it increases the awareness of local record stores and increases sales when they need it most. Not only that but they offer something special and collectible to vinyl enthusiasts which large corporations fail to do.

It’s also a day to celebrate the format, to get the minority of people who love the physical form to get their hands on some true collectibles.

What does the day mean to vinyl enthusiasts?

Record Store Day could seem meaningless to someone who has no interest in the format but to vinyl lovers across the globe it could mean everything. Here are some reasons why RSD is important to these collectors:

Simon Mann, 28, Musician

“Once upon a time, records weren’t popular and people were scared they might disappear. supporting local record stores on RSD is a way of showing support”

Owain Davies, 22, Film & Radio graduate

“It’s a great way to celebrate record shops and obviously an excellent opportunity to pick up these incredibly rare releases, I think it’s a fun day out and it encourages the community as well. Lots of music enthusiasts coming together on this one day.”

Roxy Starcrusher, 31, Travel blogger

“I love getting out to as many independent record stores as I can. I love the atmosphere and I always save up some cash so I can spend it at a variety of stores and not just on RSD releases”

Chris Bray, 28, Record store employee

“I think people just like to buy limited titles – and they like to do it all at the same time. It’s like a race to see who can get the ‘best and rarest’ title.”

Which shops can get involved?

A company has to have a physical store with a product line consisting of at least 50% music retail and whose business is not publicly owned. No online or large corporations in other words.

What Kent stores are participating?

These are the Kent record stores getting involved:

What Kent stores have to offer this Record Store Day?

Independent record stores across Kent have a lot to offer this year, including live sets and limited edition records. Here’s a list of what to look forward to:


Monkey Boy Records – 77 Northgate – CT1 1BA


This popular tiny record store has limited edition stock including special releases from The National, Sufjan Stevens and Rage Against the Machine.

Vinylstore Jr – 20 Castle Street – CT1 2QJ


Canterbury’s leading vinyl record specialist has limited edition runs available including Pink Floyd’s ‘The piper at the gates of dawn’ remastered from the original mono mix.


Transmission – 105 Northdown Road – CT9 2QY


Margate’s own record store, Transmission will have exclusive releases, live bands including a 5pm set by BARBAROSSA and an after party with live music from Sistertalk and Black Helium plus Transmission DJ’s til late.



Vintage & Vinyl – 57 The Old High Street – CT20 1RN


The popular Folkestone gem Vintage & Vinyl will have never before released tracks on vinyl. Lost recordings, reissues of records that are out of press plus live in store music from Mashville who will be launching their new album ‘Another Place’ on the day.


Vinyl Head Café and Record Shop – 3 The Broadway – CT11 9JN


Record Store Day is heading to Ramsgate where vinyl lovers will be able to get their hands on special releases ALONG with good food, great coffee and delightful sounds from Wildwood Jack’s live set at 7pm.


Smugglers Record Shop – 9 King Street – CT14 6HX


Smugglers Record Shop in Deal has promised a great day full of RSD exclusive titles, drinks, good coffee and will also have DJ’s Diverse Frequencies and Ian Munroe till late.


The Record Store – Park Mall – TN24 8RY

The Record Sore in Ashford has an assortment of limited edition vinyl releases from David Bowie to Tangerine Dream and Ennio Morricone. This store is passionate about giving everyone a fair chance to get what they want so they will be only letting 3 – 6 people in at a time with a maximum limit of 4 vinyls per person.


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