Explained: what is happening to Canterbury’s oldest monuments?

What’s happening?

Human Interference could be slowly destroying Canterbury’s historic monuments, according to historian Seval Ahmet.

Canterbury is famous for its beautiful scenery and rich historic culture which brings millions of tourists each year but with our most famous monuments in rapid decline according to a historian have we caused damage that we cannot reverse?

Refurbishment is taking place on Canterbury Cathedral starting with the Nave getting a new roof to make it watertight and more sturdy. This is all being done under a project called ‘The Canterbury Journey’ costing a whopping £24.7 million.

Canterbury’s world famous Cathedral

Who’s paying for it?

It’s funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund as well as donations. Along with the Nave roof, the West Towers and Christ Church gate are in dire need of repair and are said to be restored soon. Seval Ahmet, a historian from Canterbury said: “These repairs desperately need to be done, the Cathedral is slowly deteriorating and without the refurbishment it might not be here in years to come”.

Refurbishments are currently taking place

What’s being done?

Canterbury Castle is protected as a matter of national historic importance and is under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979. It’s been around for 900 years and still remains a popular tourist attraction, however visitors are prohibited from entering. Miss Ahmet told us: “The castle is basically falling down, any more human interference will completely destroy it”.

Canterbury Castle

Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine Abby, Canterbury Castle, City Wall and St Martin’s Church are just some of the renowned buildings deeply rooted in English history, however if we neglect to look after them how much longer will they be here for?