Explained: How to stay safe this New Year’s Eve

 We teamed up with Kent Police to advise our viewers on the ways in which they can stay safe this New Year’s Eve. New Years is notorious for crime rates increasing and for emergency services, it is the busiest night of the year. However, there are many things that people could do to make their night safer and avoid dangerous situations.
Don’t forget to organise your way home
Make sure that you know how you are getting home and the routes that you need to take. This means checking travel updates to make sure that your route doesn’t have delays. Also, make sure that you know how to find your way back to stations or bus stops. Use the ‘map’ app on your smart phone, or screen shot or write down directions from TFL prior to starting your journey.
Another thing that is important and essential for your journey home is to make sure that you have charged your phone. You may find yourself in an un-expected situation and need to contact emergency services or relatives.
‘organise a lift but never get into a car when you or the driver has been drinking’.
Book a licensed cab
Never get in an un-licensed or un-booked cab. Always use a trusted firm and clearly save their number under your contacts. Make sure that you book your cab at-least 24-hours before your night out to avoid waiting. If you are travelling in Canterbury, then Longley’s private hire are a good firm to use. For all other areas, we have attached images of possible companies to try.
List of possible cab firms in London.
List of possible cab firms in Kent.
Alternatively, when using cabs in areas such as London, you can check online to see whether they are registered.
Organise a lift 
Kent police have urged to organise lifts prior to your night out. Although, if the driver has been drinking, then an alternative should be arranged. Kent Police said, ‘organise a lift but never get into a car when you or the driver have been drinking’.
The next day
‘If you have a big night out it’s unlikely that you’ll be fit to drive the next morning’, said Kent Police. People should arrange either a lift home the following morning, or should use public transport.