Explainer: How To Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Everyone loves Christmas as it’s the season to be jolly. The festivities make you joyful but Christmas decorating makes it MAGICAL.

If you have no clue on how to decorate or just simply haven’t started then here are some tips on how to decorate your home this Christmas.

  1. Get a tree!

Your Christmas tree is the focal point of your home and you want it to represent you.

There are many different kinds of trees to consider but the two most popular are either white or green.


*Tip: If you decide to buy a REAL Christmas tree make sure u test it to see how fresh it is before you buy. Run your fingers through the pines and if they shed easily it’s a sign that the tree is not fresh.


For more information on buying trees click the link. 


2. Pick a theme/colour!

Picking a theme can be hard winter wonderland or traditional but it is better to start by deciding what you like and don’t like about Christmas themes.

Colours play a vital role when picking a theme.

You can go for a modern twist with white and a pop of colour like purple or blue or simply just stick to your traditional reds and greens.


Here is a list of 75 of the biggest trends for Christmas 2017!


3. Decorations! Decorations! Decorations!

Whether it be fairy lights, the comeback of tinsel, wreaths or scented candles

it’s absolutely no secret that Christmas decorations bring the Christmas spirit and make your home enticing

so make sure you take the time to choose the right ones for you and your home.


4. Christmas, Come Dine With Me.

Its one of the MOST important meals of the year so your dinner table HAS to represent your meal and pave way for the GLORIOUS turkey.


*Tip: Why not place quirky name cards shaped like ornaments or trees for your guests or create a magical centrepiece by adding ornaments in a clear vase

or getting your D.I.Y on by adding candles in champagne flutes .