Extinction Rebellion: Canterbury must combat climate change

Canterbury based Extinction Rebellion member, Julie Mecoli, believes Canterbury City Council need to take more action in combating climate change in the city.

On May 1, UK parliament announced that they have called a ‘climate emergency’ across the country after being pushed by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The motion does not legally require the government to take any actions, however many UK cities are saying that they want to be carbon-neutral by 2030.

Canterbury City Council have yet to make any claims or statements about wanting to be carbon-neutral, and have not announced a local climate emergency.

Julie Mecoli, a local member of Extinction Rebellion, has spoken about her disappointment in the council and their handling of climate change*.

Credit: Julia Hawkins

She said: “They just voted, in April to build a multi-story car park by the west station and that’s for cars. That’s not the way forwards, they could have used that money to make better Cycle lanes.

“The government has basically broken a contract with the people, because they are supposed to look after us, and they aren’t looking after us. So, all bets are off, and we need to take matters into our own hands.”

Julie says that one Extinction Rebellions main demands is that a citizens assembly be started that could discuss ways in which environmental based issues could be discussed.

Julie said: “The citizens assembly would be like a jury system and people would be selected to come together and be presented with the climate and ecological crisis.

“Citizens assembly would take two months to set up, and then they could come up with suggestions.”

Elizabeth Child, founder of The Veg Box Cafe, Canterbury, has spoken about how her business attempts to combat climate change.

The Veg Box Cafe in Canterbury

She said: “We buy our energy from a green energy supplier and are working hard on limiting our plastic use. We provide compostable takeaway options, we send all food waste, coffee grounds, compostable packaging etc to be composted commercially rather than going to landfill.”

*Listen to an extended clip of our interview with Julie Mecoli from Extinction Rebellion below.



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