City church hosts push-up fundraiser for homeless charity

The Emmanuel Church in Canterbury are aiming to do as many press-ups as they can in an hour in a fundraising event.

The group will be collecting money for Catching Lives, a local charity that helps the homeless of Canterbury and event will take place on May 18th outside Barclays bank on the high street.

A team of six men have been training since February to raise money for Catching Lives, a homeless charity in the city.

As well as the event there will be talks from the manager of Catching Lives, Terry Gore and volunteer Tony Beaumont, who organised the event.

Mr Beaumont said: “We just hope to raise a bit of money, bring some awareness for the reasons behind homelessness and how the public can support homelessness instead of struggling with misconceptions.”

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Tony was homeless before he got involved with the church and found faith and believes that this helped him get off of the streets.

He continued: “At the end of the day I think every single human being has a god-shaped hole in their life.

“If more of the homeless community came to faith I think that would immediately give them a firm foundation and it would give them what they need to overcome their issues and give them a family and give them a whole way of looking at life and looking at problems and looking at issues. A whole new hope and a future.

“It’s worked for me and I was about as broken as they get, and now I’m not and now I’m organising events like this.

I’m growing and I’m building a business, its crazy.”

The event will take place between 11am and 4pm and there will be something for everyone on the day, including activities and face painting for children.

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