Fascinating YouTube Facts

Fact 1.

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YouTube has over a billion users which is almost one third of all people on the internet.

One creator being the very popular Zoella on YouTube says:

‘My little space under the name “Zoella” has expanded to YouTube with weekly videos and daily ramblings on two channels “Zoella” and “MoreZoella”, the publishing world with my record breaking fastest selling debut novel “Girl Online” (pinches self) and the shelves of Superdrug with my beauty line “Zoella Beauty”. You might occasionally find me on a few magazines too!’


Fact 2.


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You can navigate YouTube in more than 75 different languages


Fact 3.


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The most disliked video on YouTube is Justin Bieber’s song ‘Baby’ with over 4,400,000 unlike’s.


Fact 4.


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The most searched tutorial is ‘How to kiss’ .

 Local YouTuber, Connor Stickells gives his opinion on YouTube ‘ For me YouTube helped with my confidence, although I create videos I always spend time watching other videos.’

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