Fire crews battle ‘out of control’ Sevenoaks bonfire

Last night Kents Fire and Rescue Services were called to Sevenoaks to tackle an unruly blaze.

The blaze which had been burning uncontrollably for three hours was a result of a bonfire, which very quickly became uncontainable for Windmill locals to manage.

At around 14:51 which is when the blaze begun, four fire engines were called to the scene to try and contain the fire, which had begun to spread down Windmill Road and onto trees and houses.

There were no reported casualties as firefighters were able to respond quickly to the incident and arrived with breathing apparatus, hose reel jets, and water from a hydrant to extinguish the flames.

Sevenoaks District Council have warned locals to “think twice before starting a bonfire” and stated that:

“Residents across the Sevenoaks District are being asked to think of others and not light bonfires during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

“Bonfires can also become out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services.”