CCTV footage unearthed following the Wildwood robbery

Following the recent  theft of charity donations has left the Wildwood Discovery Park, near Canterbury, short of funding  after a break-in on Monday morning.

Peter Smith, the founder and director of the animal sanctuary told The Canterbury Hub that the charity project helped to stop dormice going extinct in the UK.

The wildwood team found the CCTV footage of the culprits and shred his via their social media platforms.

Peter Smith says: “It looks like they where a serious criminal gang targeting the safes of many rural businesses trying to steal bank holiday takings – fortunately our safe defeated them and the ran off when they activated our alarm system, but unfortunately stole collection boxes containing hundreds of pounds donated over the bank holiday. ”

The footage was shred more than 600 shared via Facebook.

CCTV footage via Wildwood Facebook

Peter adds: “We had an amazing response with many people identifying the criminals which where passed onto the police. The police did an amazing job and we have worked together to track down the robber.”

The charity helps the dying and abandoned rodents to live safely, with the correct monitoring needed.

Please watch the full video here.  

Wildwood are currently offering a reward for anyone who can identify the people in the image above.

If you have any further information please contact: , or telephone  01227 712111.