Gravesend robber who ‘kicked elderly woman in the face’ jailed

A man from Gravesend has been jailed for five years following robbery and several burglaries that happened between January and February last year.

Stephan Adi, 24, snatched a handbag from an elderly woman who he noticed walking alone in Gravesend town centre. Adi pushed the woman to the floor and kicked her in the face.

He was found guilty of robbery, three counts of burglary, theft of a motor vehicle and fraud by false representation following a trial in Woolwich Crown Court on April 21.

The robbery took place in Commercial Place at around 7:15pm on the December 29, 2019.

After the robbery happened, he used her bank card to top up his mobile phone from a shop on Norfolk Road.

Adi was also found guilty of burgling a home in Darnley Street where he stole two TV’s and foreign currency stolen.

He caused a significant amount of distress to numerous victims

He also burgled a home in Brunswick Walk at around 2.55am on February 1, stealing a car from the drive. Officers stopped the vehicle in Rochester Road a short time later and arrested Adi on suspicion of the offence.

Due to the need for further enquiries to be carried out, it was not possible to secure an immediate charge, so it was necessary to release him on bail with strict conditions.

Despite being on bail, Adi burgled a home in Suffolk Road at around 8:50pm on February 4th. He was caught inside by the victim, who chased him into a bedroom before he climbed out of the window and ran away.

Numerous fingerprints were taken from the property and these confirmed he was the offender.He was arrested a short time later and has been held on remand since.

Detective Constable Rebecca Ward, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: ‘Adi is a prolific offender who presents a clear and obvious danger to the public.“His willingness to use violence on an elderly woman demonstrates the abhorrent lengths he is prepared to go to while committing an offence.

He caused a significant amount of distress to numerous victims and I am pleased that he is no longer able to target innocent members of the public.”