Music, meditation and magic at the annual Hare Krishna Festival

The Hare Krishna Festival aimed to educate and free the mind of their audience on May 8 in Canterbury, with the intention of helping them with their peace and happiness.

With over 50 attendees at the West Gate Hall, the evening came to a success and held some great activities in hope to introduce more people to the program and expand on their understanding of who they are.

Event organiser; Mantra says: “Tonight is a festival of spiritual culture, the idea that anything can be used for a higher purpose, to help us open our hearts.

“Its an occasion where we invite the whole community in, we show them that life can be a festival everyday, if we do it right. ”

An audience attended in beautiful colours to express their love and happiness and spread joy into the evening.

This is to celebrate music, meditation, dance, food and philosophy.

Mantra adds: “We hope the public will find happiness through non materialistic things, I like a phrase which is; we are supposed to use things and love people, not use people and love things.

“Also, we hope it encourages people to come to our events throughout the week in Canterbury.

“We are trying to build a community based on spiritual values.

“I would like to think the people who come tonight see that and will spread their experience with friends and family.”

The annual event last night is to encourage others to join the weekly program, and share with their family and friends which carries on throughout the week on every Saturday 5PM-8PM at the Canterbury Umbrella Centre.

Each weekly event is a packed evening enjoying meditative music, spiritual dancing, theatre or film and experiencing the intriguing philosophy and culture associated with ancient India.

WATCH this short video showing the highlights from the night: