Hate crime towards the LGBT community has risen

According to a national government LGBT survey, hate crimes towards people on the grounds of sexual orientation have risen by 27%  since 2017. Folkestone Wellbeing Centre has decided to take action and,  have started a six-week course for people providing them with various methods to keep a healthy mind.

The survey also revealed on average, the LGBT community were less happy with their lives than other people.

Sheree Bell, the owner of the centre said: “LGBT people want to have a safe, confidential space where they can speak quite openly.”

The feedback was so great the organisers have decided to carry on with the classes in 2020.

Ria, a transgender woman who attends the course has said, its rare to find someone like Sheree.

Ria said: “Generally it comes down to someone who is LGBT to realise the necessity of providing something.”

This shows how the community needs support more than we think.

The survey also stated that four out of ten people had a bad experience outside their home in the last 12 months because they were LGBT.

Often serious incidents are not reported to anyone.


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