How To Help The Canterbury Community This Christmas

In this festive period, here are several ways you can help the community this December.

Be friendly

This one may seem simple, but simply saying ‘good morning’ to someone on the street could help brighten their day.

Maybe if you go out for a meal, be a bit more generous than usual with your tip. A lot of waiters and waitresses in Canterbury are students that could use the extra pennies.

Help those in need

Over the Christmas the nights can be bitterly cold. Try to be aware of rough sleepers in this weather, if you think you have any blankets or coats spare then there are a variety of charities around the county that will take them and give them to the homeless who need them.

Chris Thomas from Porchlight said: “Christmas is a lovely time of year for many of us. but for hundreds of people sleeping on the streets of Kent, it’s like any other time of the year – a battle to survive.

“With your help, we’ll continue to offer life-saving services which allow people to escape the misery of the streets and begin to recover from the damaging effects of homelessness.”

To donate or learn more about Porchlight, click here.

Respect your neighbours

Christmas time is a time for joy and celebration, but remember that some people still have work, or just in general would like their peace and quiet.

If you are going to have a Christmas party you should think of notifying your neighbours. They will appreciate this much more than you think.

Also if you decide to drink a lot at your Christmas party then listen to Kent Police warnings, and don’t risk driving the morning after.

Check on your elderly relatives

This time of year is a time to be with friends and family. So make sure to visit your elderly relatives, especially if they can’t make it to any family gatherings, bring the family to them!

This is also a good time to remind you to visit your elderly neighbours too. I’m sure they’d appreciate you visiting for a cup of tea.


Many charities over the Christmas months will host events that they need volunteers for. So why not do your part in the community and volunteer your own time!

A spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation said “for Christmas we have launched Operation Elf, encouraging people to volunteer In BHF shops over the festive period”.