How has home-schooling affected parents and children?

Parents are home-schooling their children as schools have been closed since March 20th because of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Whilst educational institutes will have ‘phased’ reopening, there is not a fixed date for when schools will reopen.

Whilst millions of students have had to adapt to an online environment, teachers and parents have also had to adjust to the new guidelines.


Are parents coping?

Parents have access to educational resources as schools are teaching students online. However, the amount of impact of home-schooling children can be questioned.

It’s the only viable tool right now that to support children’s education, but this has affected parents and children themselves.

Carol, a Teacher, tutor and business owner set up the Lockdown Learning page on Facebook to ‘’pull together teachers and tutors who can offer their experiences for free and support families during tricky times”.

Whilst some children can adapt to a new learning environment smoothly.

Others may find home-schooling extremely challenging which can damage their long-term growth into adulthood.

Zoom is the online platform being used by schools and tutors to educate children.

Virtual lessons are being held by teachers, as the app allows up to 1000 people at once in a room.

Although, this has affected the levels at which children can learn.

Carol says that, ‘’Zoom fatigue has become a thing, in a lot of body language cues that we take for granted, your brain processes when we see face to face with someone, this does not come naturally on Zoom”

But we are expecting kids to be magically can do this

Teaching at home

Tim Clark
Credit: Marcel Brown

Stevenage resident,Tim Clark has struggled with adapting to the new situation.

As a qualified plane instructor with an engineering background, he has experience in teaching adults but says.

It’s a completely different ball game

‘’Our youngest is in KS2 and whilst they can complete the tasks, the layout of some resources are very entertaining. With loads of interactive games available, are children learning”.

A helping hand

In the current state of lockdown, parents struggle to find new ways to educate and support their child’s education in the household.

As creative as we can be, sometimes a helping hand can better a situation.

There are many resources for those in need, such as a helpline that was set up to help families tackle the challenge of home-schooling their kids.

Within a time that has forced isolation for ourselves and our families, we do not have to feel alone.

To find out ways you can support your child’s education during isolation, click here. 

Most importantly, keep safe.