Kent teen reaches 10K subscribers on deaf YouTube channel

Deaf vlogger, Jasmine Whipps, from Welling, Kent, reached 10K subscribers on her YouTube this week.

The upcoming social media star, aged 19, released her first video on August 5, 2015.

Jasmine said “I never thought that my videos would go viral and that so many people would subscribe to my YouTube channel, so it’s amazing knowing that I have reached 10K subscribers after all my hard work”.


Growing up deaf

Jasmine has been deaf since birth and begun learning sign language at just one years old.

When asked whether she found this difficult, she said “I can’t remember if it was hard for me to learn sign language because I was only young, but I don’t think it was because I couldn’t ever hear, so sign language was the best option for me”.

Hearing aids did not work on Jasmine until she had her cochlear implant fitted.

She added: “I was surprised that I could suddenly hear lots of sound, compared to when I only had my hearing aids in. So, I felt really happy and excited because it was new to me”.

Growing up, Jasmine attended a mainstream school, instead of a deaf school.

Whipps said “My experience at school was both good and bad. The issue I’ve always had is the communication barrier, not just at school, but in life itself too”.

When asked for her opinion on schools teaching sign language, Jasmine said “I definitively think all schools should teach sign language, I can never understand why they teach French and Spanish, but not sign language?

“Sign language is definitely needed because there are over a million deaf people living within this country. You will always bump into a deaf person somehow”.


How it feels to reach 10K subscribers

Jasmine has created 93 videos on her YouTube channel since August 2015. She said “I never thought my videos would go viral and that lots of people would subscribe to my YouTube channel.

“It’s amazing knowing I reached 10K subscribers after all my hard work on YouTube”.

When asked how she felt whilst uploading her first ever video, Jasmine said “I was anxious when I posted my first video because I was scared what people would think of me. But after this, I’m addicted to making more videos and I realised that starting my own YouTube channel is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life”.

Advice for people

The advice I would give to deaf people is, it doesn’t matter if they’re deaf, they should never give up following their dream”.

Jasmine wants all deaf people to work towards their goals with confidence in themselves. She said “Being deaf is not going to stop us from doing what we want to do. That’s the message I’ve been trying to spread around the world”.

“It would mean a lot to not just me, but all deaf people, if people who could hear learned our language, so that we won’t feel as lonely. It doesn’t matter how many signs you know, it makes us feel happy knowing you are doing it, for all of us”.

“When asked what advice she would give to people who can hear, she said “My tip to people who can hear would be, don’t be afraid to come and talk to deaf people, we all welcome you to join our world and would love to see you make the effort to talk to us. It would make our day 100x better”.