Feldenkrais method exclusive exercise therapy comes to Kent

The Feldenkrais method class exclusively at the University of Kent improves your physical, mental state and improves your overall life span.

Forty-six year old practitioner, Kristin Fredricksson, started the verbal group classes exploring awareness through movement where different themes such as ‘side-bending’ are explored. Whilst in the class, the students bring their awareness with what they are doing and incorporate little strategies that offer the brain variation on the movements.

Kristin Fredricksson

“It’s very structured¬† and each lesson is around a theme,” she says. “At the start of the class students are asked to be aware of their movement at the beginning and again at the end you ask them similar sort of questions.

“Pretty much always they’ll notice some kind of change, sometimes its quite a big change in terms of flexibility and mood. Often students are quite emotional because we explore alot of developmental movements from childhood.”

What is the Feldenkrais method?

The Feldenkrais Method was invented by Isreali Moshe Feldenkrais in 1904 after chronically injuring his knee and avoiding life-changing surgery. The Method can permanently improve the posture, balance and coordination of students and awakens the innate capacity for life-long vitality.


Movement Awareness

























  Sequence of Movement Awareness

Students come for various forms of treatment and have different needs but the method is known for its various health benefits like relief from tension and muscular pain, easier and fuller breathing, greater relaxation and well-being, improved performance in sport, dance, music and drama and greater ease in everyday activities.

Sally Fincher, 49, started attending the classes as she wanted to replace her original somatic sessions that had been postponed.

” I have no pain or injuries,” she says. “I was just curious about the mind and body integration and whole person and I suppose an extent wanting to age gracefully.

“Everything changes and improves, especially your posture but your digestion, sleep and eyesight improves.

“People have told me I look taller because you learn to keep less tension so you’re not using so much needless tension. Because the mind and body is one thing, your attitude is a bit more open.”

Watch Kristin teach the method below:


Canterbury and Whitstable will be celebrating the International Feldenkrais Awareness Week from the 5-12 May 2019. The theme for this year is ‘Choices for Change’.

A number of events will be taking place in the county with free entry for everyone.


If you’re interested in this method please contact Kristin.

Facebook: Move with Ease Canterbury

Website: www.kristinfredricksson.com

Mobile: 07900 340663


Group classes are held at the University of Kent weekly on a Wednesday from 17:45-19:15.