Kent Search and Rescue’s new initiative during World Autism week

Kent Search and Rescue is launching a new initiative during Autism Awareness week.

The innovative resource has been implemented by the rescue team to assist Kent Police in locating vulnerable individuals with Autism and Dementia.

Carers are asked to fill out an ‘At Risk of Going Missing Form’ as a pre-emptive measure in the event that a vulnerable person goes missing.

This form will help police with locating a missing vulnerable person. The project is considered a milestone in the autistic community.

Kent Search and Rescue made the announcement on Twitter and Kent Police later posted information about the new form.

Kent Police said: “Together with our partners, the police work to make sure priority is given to any vulnerable person at risk”.

People are often more at risk of abuse if they’re isolated, dependent on someone […] have memory problems or difficulty communicating.

Kent Search and Rescue added: “We hope that this initiative proves useful for those in desperate need of this service as it increases our chances in locating those who are ‘missing’ at a substantially faster rate”.

The initiative comes as the student disability service team at CCCU celebrated Autism awareness week.

The event took place at Augustine House on April 2, in order to raise awareness for Autism with the university providing support to the wider community.

Local charities attended the event, including Forest Autism Support and Fifth trust.

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