Kent towns left battered after storm

Towns all over Kent have been left reeling from a storm that brought gale-force winds, last night.

The storm, which brought wind speeds of up to 65mph in some areas, left train services in chaos, when two high speed trains were hit by falling trees. Elsewhere, fallen trees blocked the lines in Swanscombe and Gravesend.

Meanwhile, there were complaints of power cuts and damage to property.

A yellow weather warning had been issued by the Met Office previously, encompassing southern England. The winds were also joined by wet and cold conditions, and is expected to continue until later today.

It comes as April was marked as the coldest, but also the second sunniest, on record. The weather phenomena continued with the coldest May Day on record, with -5.8c recorded in Shap, Cumbria.

A storm from the Atlantic is also expected to hit the county today, with showers expected from 11am today. However, it will ease up, with tomorrow being a lot less turbulent.

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