Labour MP expresses anger following announcement that cuts to bus funds will continue

Plans to cut funds to Kent buses are ‘ridiculous’, according to Labour MP, Rosie Duffield.

Kent County Council are proceeding with plans to cut funding to buses within Canterbury and surrounding areas, regardless of the inconvenience it will cause to residents.

Rosie Duffield, Canterbury’s Local MP, recently debated in Parliament that introducing bus cuts will make many resident’s lives significantly harder and that doing so doesn’t help anyone. She said: ’It’s ridiculous, I’ve got lots of people who are really worried about it, but especially older people, people going to college.’

‘I’ve had people at both ends of the age gap writing to me saying that they’re really concerned’, she continued.

”Elderly people are worried about being stranded.”

Leader of Kent County Council, Paul Carter, told members that he was going to be making a personal pledge to help to reduce the number of bus cuts that are going to be made in January.

At the council meeting, he stated: ‘’I am making a personal pledge to handle the forthcoming programme of negotiations with bus operators to try to persuade them to keep a significant number of routes going without subsidy, which I believe they should be able to do.’’ He also added that he plans to meet with Arriva and Stagecoach before Christmas.

However, although Kent County Council have stated that they are doing everything that they can to reduce the number of cuts that will be made in the new year, the decision to cut bus funds will commence and will still affect a significant number of residents.


Canterbury residents expressed their anger via Facebook, a lot of them stating that the plans will seriously affect either themselves or their loved ones.


”Younger people are concerned that they’re not going to get to college and school on time.”

Rosie explained that she has had lots of people complaining about the announcement. She explained: ”Everyone is worried and concerned and not everyone drives, or can afford to, or can afford to park in town, or want to.’

Rosie also stated that the cut will increase air pollution. She said, ‘we are meant to be encouraging more environmentally friendly forms of transport, so cutting buses just doesn’t help anyone at all.’