Live Export Lorry Faces Protesters At Ramsgate Harbour

Animal activists protested about live exports at Ramsgate harbour.

The demonstration took place at 11:30am on December 12 with campaigners holding signs and attempting to take temperatures from the Martin O’Neill lorry.

‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ is an organisation which holds protests in the ports of Dover and Ramsgate in Kent and Ipswich in Suffolk.

Live exports travel from Ramsgate harbour, after previously moved to the port of Dover due to an incident which led to 46 sheep being euthanised on September 12 2012.

© 2014 Kent Action Against Live Exports

The people involved work voluntarily to “be a voice for the animals which are being transported to still being exported from the UK for slaughter and further fattening in mainland Europe.”

The protesters waited in the cold weather to bring awareness to members of the public passing by.

Yvonne an organiser for KAALE said:

“…we found out he had started from the north quite early which meant in freezing conditions. They knew we were waiting to check the temperatures and when he arrived he had closed his slats making it impossible to film or check temperatures.”

Viewers are warned that the following footage may be distressing with upsetting scenes.

During the protest KAALE photographer Elizibeth was reportedly “thrown” into the side of the lorry after trying to take a photo through a small gap after being accused of causing criminal damage.

Yvonne reacted by saying:

“We are not going to commit criminal damage, especially where the sheep are, all we want is the filming. All the films are going to the minister and he needs evidence to make his case to the house.
We are conscious this is our opportunity. Why would we jeopardise it for a piece of damage done with a hand on the side of a trailer. Do they think we are imbeciles. YES I THINK THEY DO. !!!!!”


© 2014 Kent Action Against Live Exports

This comes after a Parliamentary debate in Westminster Hall on December 12 of which Department of Agriculture & Rural Affairs minister Therese Coffey confirmed that the Conservative government is “considering options to control live animal exports once the U.K. leaves the E.U.” as reported by Farmers Weekly.