Local university wins prestigious award six years in a row

A local university in Kent has won a prestigious award for encouraging students and staff to be sustainable in the environment for the sixth year running.

The Sustainability Office and the Student Green Office at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) have won the International Standard that specified requirements for an effective environmental management system award (ISO 14001).

Maz Hamilton

Maz Hamilton, 50, is the Sustainability and Futures Initiative Coordinator and claims that CCCU was one of the first UK universities to adhere to the ISO 14001, “Were very much focused on the UNs 17 sustainable goals” she says.

“There is a framework that we follow and were involved with trying to encourage lecturers here at CCCU to include sustainability related issues in their curriculum.

“We’re also a key part in the university’s environmental management system where we oversee an audit process to make sure the operational functions of the university in the most environmentally friendly way.

“This includes catering and housekeeping staff, various departments are audited by someone in our team and then we also have a team of external auditors who audit our audit. As a consequence of that, for the past 6 years we’ve received the platinum award for ISO 14001.”


Student Green Office

The Student Green Office is run by students and they design, run events and campaigns throughout the year in Canterbury.

Megan Cork, the Events Coordinator for the office believes everything we do now has an impact on future generations and their quality of life and says,

“My aim is to inspire students to be sustainable in their life now, not in ten years when it’s too late.”