Burglar jailed after man notices suspicious behaviour

A burglar who had been caught breaking into a flat with red hands has been sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.



34 -year-old John Devall was seen by a resident acting suspiciously outside the window of a flat in Queen Anne Road, Maidstone, on July 29.

The citizen approached Devall to see if he was okay, before quickly realising he had just carried out the burglary.

The police were alerted once he had fled the scene.

Crime scene investigators took swabs and samples from the address and the DNA matched that of Devall’s.

After being arrested on the 6th September, he was charged with burglary and was taken into custody.

Devall appeared before Maidstone Crown Court where he pleaded guilty to his charges.

Detective Constable Andy Julier said: “I hope it will be of some reassurance to the victim and also to local residents that Devall will now be spending Christmas behind bars. He is a repeat offender who commits crime to feed a drug habit and it is clear that prison is the best place for him.”