Man charged following ‘dangerous’ high-speed chase through Isle of Sheppey

A 55-year-old man has been charged following a high-speed police chase through Sheppey last Friday.

On the afternoon April 30 a 55-year-old man failed to stop for police officers in Queenborough Road in Minster. The police pursued the vehicle around Cowstead Corner before the dangerous driver veered into a field in a bid to escape. 

The driver attempted to use the car’s wheels to kick up dust but was unsuccessful and police proceeded to box in the car, lay a stinger and one of the officers hit the driver’s window with her baton. 

A Kent Police spokesman said: “At around 2.25pm on Friday a car was reported to have failed to stop for officers in Queenborough Road, Minster.

“The patrol had become concerned about the vehicle’s manner of driving.

“A pursuit was authorised and the car came to a stop in Lower Road within 10 minutes.”

After the vehicle was brought to a stop officers removed the man and placed him under arrest.

The unnamed Minster resident was charged with suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop when directed, driving while disqualified and driving without insurance.

He is currently out on bail pending further enquiries up until May 21.