Explainer: Medway City of Culture 2025

Medway are in the race to become the City of Culture 2025. If they were to win it would be a first for a city in the South East. But what could this mean for the community?

What is the ‘City of Culture’?

The campaign run by The Department for Digital, Culture, Music and Sport (DCMS) takes place every four years. The campaign recognises the culture and creativity in the community, as well as encourages innovation and the development of the area.

Rochester Cathedral in Medway

What could happen if Medway won?

If Medway were to win they would see an increase in national funding throughout the year, which would be used to build and improve areas. Funding will come from The programme will see an increase in job opportunities and a spike in local tourism. Hull who won in 2017 projected £22 million gross value which added to the local economy, as well as over 800 new jobs. Coventry who won this year have already seen a rise in funding. Most recently they have received £3.5 million to support their City of Culture.


What events will we see?

Throughout the year Medway will hold various events to advertise this campaign, such as ‘Medway 2025 Homegrown Sets’ at this summers Rochester Castle Concerts. Young local musicians will be given the chance to perform alongside big acts like UB40.

If they are successful they could replicate the success Hull have had where over 2000 events were held following their win in 2017.


What happens next?

Over this year Medway will seek the support of local businesses and communities in hopes of delivering the best ‘City of Culture’ experience. They have over 450 locals currently involved as well as four local universities and large organisations such as, Southeastern Railway, KMTV and Kent Messenger. Their future plans will embody Medway’s heritage and personality to showcase what they have to offer, and to show why they should be the next ‘City of Culture.”

The winners will be announced at the end of 2021. This bid will help aid the Medway Cultural Partnerships new 2020-2030 Cultural Strategy. Back Medway will also feature on KMTV tomorrow (5th May) to talk more on the campaign.


To get involved visit: Medway bid 2025