The Mill has reopened under new landlord

The Mill, on Sturry Road, Canterbury, has reopened again after closing in the summer.

It had shut over the summer due to a lack of customers.

New owner Ricky Green told me he is excited for the future.

“I am looking forward to but I’m also nervous. I used to be a lorry driver and this is my first time being a pub landlord.

“We’re going to refurbish everything and I think it will be a great pub.”

Former employee Bethany Grace Thomas told me that the pub wasn’t very popular before it shut in the summer.

On nights that we had events such as karaoke we would get at most 15 people in and that wouldn’t make a lot of money. The busiest we got was for the boxing week before we closed.”

The re-opening of the pub has attracted some of the old locals back.

Donna is happy that the pub has reopened.

“I’m very happy The Mill is back open.

“It’s been great so far and I hope it stays open for a long time.”

Mr Green says his plans for the future are to make the pub a more family friendly environment.

“I’ve got young kids myself and I hope that we can get more families in here.

“There’s going to be events for everyone in the new year and hopefully we can build on the good start we’ve had.