Millions given to Medway council to help struggling residents

Medway Council have created a household support funding for those who need assistance with costs.

This fund can help with buying the essentials house supplies such as groceries, home essentials, water, energy as well as housing in unfortunate financial circumstances.

This support will not be through cash payments or online transactions but through shopping vouchers.

Medway Council tweeted yesterday (April 28): “We have been awarded more than £2million from the government’s Household Support Fund to help residents struggling to pay bills due to the rise in the cost of living. The fund can be used for items such as: food, energy, water”

Medway council support use vouchers which can be used in supermarkets , fuel companies and other places of referrals for vouchers.

Food and household essential vouchers go up to £210 depending on the number of people per a household.

These vouchers are broken down into a budget of spending. Fuel for those without prepaid meters will be given £50 or a direct payment will be made directly to the fuel company.

Water support will be given in a voucher or with permission discounts that can be made with Southern Water.

These vouchers/costs should only be used for essential household necessities. You won’t be rewarded with supports for phone costs, clothes , mortgaged or debts. People that have savings or a high income will not be eligible.

This closes on September 2022 or if your budget is finished.

Only those that are Medway residents can apply and for this you will need to make sure you are over the age of 16.

You will also need to show you have less than £500 in your bank account and be in apparent hardship.

For any enquires about this funding email  or…1/household_support_fund/2