MOT Changes Could Mean More Fails

A Canterbury MOT tester has urged car owners that basic regular checks to their vehicles would cause less cars to fail the new strict guidelines.

The stricter test is part of the biggest transformation to MOTs in 20 years.

The new diesel MOT changes due to commence on May 20 2018 will be split intro three categories and could mean that thousands of older diesel cars would be off the roads next month if they fail their MOT Test.

When asked what people could do to avoid failing their MOTs, Phil Morris, of Mr. Clutch Auto centre in Wincheap said,

“Check vehicles properly before bringing them in for a test like lighting and tyres. Make sure your washers are filled up because that is what we get a lot of, people don’t maintain their vehicles properly and this would really drop failure rates.”

“More people should be more aware of these things because they’re incorporated more into it for road safety. They’re trying to cut down the amount of accidents on the road and a lot of these are absolute of the MOT test itself is the amount of cars that come in with bald tyres with cords showing. If they maintain or even check their vehicles regularly I don’t think we’d have the failure rate that we get.

MOT Emissions Tester

Listen to MOT tester, Phil Morris explain that all MOT tester’s have to improve their knowledge on a yearly basis below


The specific changes to the upgraded test is the result of an EU Directive imposing tougher vehicle checks and improved emissions testing in aid of reducing pollution after the VW scandal revealed how much diesel cars were causing pollution.

New equipment will be introduced to test the standard of cars issued at the time of manufacture. The vehicle will fail if the DPF has been tampered with, or if it produces “visible smoke of any colour”.


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