New funding introduced to help local businesses during COVID-19 crisis

The leader of Swale Borough Council has welcomed the announcement of improved government funding in order to meet the extra costs that the council need through the coronavirus crisis.

Councillor Roger Truelove said,  “The first time round we got only £75K support and this was instantly swallowed up in meeting the costs of increased homelessness and in funding the Community Support Hub in the way the Government demanded.”

Councillor Roger Truelove from Swale Borough Council

“This time there is a much better settlement for district councils, and we are due to receive £1.5 million, the third highest for a district council in Kent.”

Swale Borough Council have taken the time to contact all businesses that will be eligible for this grant. Eligible businesses are those that are a retail, hospitality or leisure business and have a rateable value of under £51,000.

A total of £18.9 million in these business grants have already been paid out to 1690 firms. And in one day on April 28th, the council made payments worth £1 million to 75 more local businesses. So from these figures, you can see already the grants potential to really help business through this worldwide pandemic.

Has it helped already?

Local business owner John Clarke, who owns Swale Martial Arts Club, has recently received the new Business Grant.

“I looked into getting a grant as soon as we was shut down in March. I got turned down for 5 different grants due to us being a non- profitable club.”

His business has been up and running for nearly 65 years and Mr. Clarke is the 3rd generation of his family to own this club.

John Clarke, owner of Swale’s Martial Arts Club

“Then just over a week ago the government added non profitable clubs on their list. I spoke to the council and within 5 days the money was in the club account.”

He goes on to tell me how this grant will help his business throughout this time.

“I have to pay £1000 rent a month and membership is our only income. No members no money. So this will help us stay alive now. It was much needed.”

If you would like more information about the new Business Grant then visit this website: it will give you more information about what businesses are eligible and what you will receive if you are.