Offender jailed for bread knife assault in Northfleet

An altercation over a game of pool at a Northfleet pub led to an offender using a bread knife to repeatedly stab another man.

Sergej Kiseliov repetitively used the weapon to stab the victim after he was told he could not play pool with them in October 2018.

The 21-year-old, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm without intent and was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment at Maidstone Crown Court on Tuesday (7 May).


The court heard the attack took place on the evening on 16 October and occurred following a night of socialising between Kiseliov and a number of men he was living with which included the victim.

The men were living at a flat in Northfleet High Street and had spent the night socialising. At around 10pm the victim and another housemate visited a nearby pub in Rose Street.

Kiseliov entered the same venue around an hour later and became angry when he was initially refused service due to the premises stating they were about to close.

After he was given two unopened bottles of beer, for consumption off the premises, he approached the victim who was playing pool with his other housemate.

He grabbed the cue from the victim but was told he could not join in and moments later a member of the bar staff told him to leave the venue as he appeared to be agitated.

Kiseliov waited for the victim to return home and an altercation took place. During the incident, the offender assaulted his housemate with a bread knife in the kitchen, causing multiple stab wounds.

He then fled to Lithuania but Kent Police officers continued the investigation in his absence.

A European arrest warrant was subsequently issued and Kiseliov was detained in Lithuania before returning to the UK.

Dangerous offender

The Kent police investigating officer for the case, Police Constable Nick Shaw,  said: “Kiseliov’s decision to seriously assault a man over an issue as trivial as a game of pool show him to be an extremely dangerous and violent individual.

“His decision to use a knife to repeatedly wound the victim only aggravates the offence and I am pleased that we have been able to secure a custodial sentence. We have zero tolerance for those who choose to use a knife as a weapon and I am pleased that our investigation was able to have Kiseliov detained overseas and brought back to the UK to face justice.”