Opinion: City Sound Project didn’t live up to the hype

This was my first time attending the City Sound Project in the Park and I’m not too sure if I want to go back.

There were periods where I had a great time, yet others where I didn’t really know what was meant to be happening.

Don’t get me wrong, if the weather was better I’m sure my opinion would be different.

About CSP:

City Sound Project in the Park is a free festival that happens each year in Dane John Gardens where there is free entertainment for the people of Canterbury.

It is run by Student Republic and has previously hosted some huge names in the music industry, such as George Ezra and Wretch32.

What was good?

There was so much going on at CSP that it’s difficult to find stuff that wasn’t of the best quality.


The food and drink on offer was of the highest quality. That cannot be denied. There was a wide range of food on offer from hotdogs and brisket sandwiches, as well as amazing vegan and vegetarian options. There were also great places to buy drinks, like the mobile Prosecco stall and Pirates Grog, a North London rum company that made top notch cocktails for people who like to indulge in the adult beverages.

There were no food stalls that I saw where I wasn’t tempted to try something off the menu.


The music was also quite good in places. All areas where music was played had a different genre of music, from the drum and bass tent to the latin style of the Cuban Brothers to the more chilled and calming Josephine and the Artizans.

There were times when perhaps the music wasn’t quite what I like to listen to but when I found that to be the case, I would simply move on and get a drink or go to the other stage.

What wasn’t quite so good?

For everything that was good at the festival, there were some things that slightly let it down.


I found the atmosphere to be quite dependent on the weather. When it was bright and warm, it seemed like everyone was having a much better time than when it was cloudy and chilly, especially on the second day. The second day’s weather was cooler than the previous day and no-one really seemed like they were too up for the days entertainment.

Credit: CSP Facebook Page

Children’s entertainment seemed to lack slightly

When I was there, I didn’t see a whole lot of entertainment for the children. There was an area that was sectioned off that young families had gathered to get away from the loud music and have some time away from the hullabaloo of the main stage or food area. While there was story-telling and comedy performances, I feel there could have been more to really make the festival that bit better! But then, that’s just my opinion.

Overall opinion

Overall, I had a good time! I really enjoyed the food and music and thought there was something there for all ages. Where it fell down, was probably something they couldn’t control. The weather. While there was plenty of cover, when the rain fell and everyone moved under cover, the mood seemed to drop slightly, but sound picked back up when the weather improved.

Would I go back? Probably.

I’d most definitely go back if I knew the weather was going to be better.