Pensioner ‘appalled’ by abusive school children

A grandmother from Kent has been left ‘terrified’ in her own home after being targeted by school children.

Patricia Lane, from Thanet, received a barrage of abuse earlier this week from pupils attending a local Primary school.

The students, who regularly wait at a bus stop outside the 85-year-olds house, started to climb over Mrs Lanes fence before shouting obscenities when they were asked to stop.

“They were kicking a ball at my fence, which eventually ended up in my garden.” Explained Mrs Lane.

“I asked them several times to stop what they were doing and they continued to shout at me, I was shocked at their behaviour and felt absolutely terrified.”

Mrs Lane contacted the school immediately to report the incident, who then apologised on behalf of the children involved and said it wouldn’t happen again. However just days after the initial occurrence, the same pupils continued the maltreatment by throwing food and rubbish at Mrs Lanes front door.

“I heard a loud thud at my front door, when I checked I was appalled to see that there was food all over the place. The window was covered in some kind of sauce and the ground was littered with plastic. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I wanted to cry.”

Upon contacting the school a second time, the pensioner was informed that the students are not permitted the be using the bus stop in question and following the latest incident, further action will be taken.

“I don’t know why I’ve been subjected to this awful behaviour. I now feel scared every time the school day is over, dreading what will happen next.” Said Mrs Lane. “I can only hope the school will resolve the issue as soon as they can, because I don’t know where this will end.”