Petition to save Kent’s buses close to 15,000 signitures

A petition to save Kent’s buses is close to reaching 15,000 signatures.

The petition set up by Gabriel Shepard aims publicise the issue where a lack of funding for the council has meant that 78 routes would lose their funding, despite the councillors voting for a 15% pay rise for themselves just a few months earlier when an independent panel recommended a rise of just 1.5%.

This has caused anger among many residents in Canterbury, many of whom use the bus service frequently.

The estimated amount of money saved would be £4 million to an already strapped for cash.

Many people rely on the bus services around Kent as there is a large elderly and student population, especially in Canterbury.

The petition has reached the 10,000 signatures it needs to get a response from the government but it got a response from First Secretary of State Damien Green at Prime Ministers Questions, when, asked by Rosie Duffield Mr Green dodged the question by saying “All local authorities as part of the public sector have to live within their means because we have to continue paying down the deficit that was run up by the last Labour government.”

To get the petition to be debated in Parliament, it needs to have over 100,000 signatures.