Margate and Ashford hospitals ‘require improvement’, report finds

The Care Quality Commission has concluded that both QEQM in Margate and William Harvey Hospital in Ashford need to improve their approach to emergency services.

The report was published following an investigation carried out in early March.

These investigations focused on whether or not the sites were under additional pressure from increasing demand over winter and Covid-19.

Some of the issues raised included that not all staff had completed mandatory training, there is a lack of staff with nursing or medical qualifications and patient records were difficult to access.

QEQM’s report also found that it was not always providing care within four hours for ’emergency care’ which is the national performance target.

Reacting to the news one QEQM staff member said: “due to (the) emphasis on covid I’d be surprised if they didn’t .

“Both Sites had well over 150 covid patients so (it’s) to be expected.”

QEQM’s ranking has remained consistent with William Harvey’s being raised from “inadequate.”

This improvement means that some restrictions introduced last year will be eased.

Catherine Campbell, CQC’s head of hospital inspection, said: “Staff should be congratulated for making the improvements we saw. 

“We will continue to monitor both services and will return to ensure further improvements are made and fully embedded.”

She went on to say that there were no real areas of concern at QEQM but that the issues mentioned above need to be addressed.