‘Retailers Are Using Sugar Tax To Increase All Soft Drink Prices’ – Kent Pub Owner

A Canterbury pub owner is worried that retailers may be using the sugar tax as an ‘opportunity’ to increase the prices of all soft drinks, regardless of whether they have been affected.

The sugar levy that came into effect on April 6th, impacts the cost of any soft drink with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml. With many manufacturers either reducing sugar content in their drinks, or increasing the price to account for the tax.

Peter Mickleburgh, the landlord of ‘The Dolphin’ in Canterbury said: “The most interesting thing is how different retailers have either put up ‘sugar taxed’ items or used it as an opportunity to put all soft drink prices up.”

However the 51 year old pub owner does not feel it will effect the drinks his customers buy: “In short, it will have no effect on my customers’ buying habits.

“It has pushed up prices for me though.”

Photo © David Anstiss (cc-by-sa/2.0)

The UK based supermarket Aldi, claim that they have not taken advantage of the tax and have followed the rules regarding the recent tax.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Aldi has recently reformulated all of our own-brand core range soft drinks, including cordials and high juice to contain low levels of sugar, or no sugar, meaning they are sugar tax-exempt.

“Aldi now only stock Coca Cola Classic which is subject to the sugar tax, with an increased price of 24p per litre. This is effective across many different retailers.”

The supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has also been under fire recently, after removing 500ml bottles of regular Coca Cola from its meal deal because of the sugar levy.

The tax itself was implemented to try and help people cut down on their sugar consumption.

Some did not take the news well and decided to stockpile drinks with their old recipes before the tax came into play.