Salvation Army Christmas Sale


The Salvation Army in Canterbury is doing a Christmas sale over the next two days.

The sale will take place on December 15 and December 16 between 10am-3pm.

It is full of lovely items like antiques, toys for children, furnishings and designer clothes.

Today is a special day says, Charity worker and Minister Claire Greenway, we get so many donations and we are so blessed because people are bringing in loads of donations. Even including new stuff, so we decided to have a Christmas sale.

We have a big Christmas Appeal at Christmas we get loads of referrals, hampers and toys for children. At present, and we are getting referrals everyday, we’ve got over 100 families that were doing hampers for and we’ve got over 250 children we’re going to give toys to. Obviously that takes money, we do various things. we do Caroling, we do things like this with the sale and we’re so blessed that people donate to us to.

This is the first time we’ve done a sale with real bargains with nothing over £5 or £6. We want the stuff to go and we want people to be blessed. We want people to come in and experience The Salvation Army and the hall and we want all people to know that all proceeds are going to our Christmas Appeal.

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Sheila Martin, Volunteer

Customers at Charity Christmas sale