The secret about fake iPhone chargers

A new study has shown that 98% of 50 fake iPhone chargers had the potential to cause a lethal electric shock.

Electricity Safety First (UK charity aiming to reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by electrical accidents) tested 50 fake iPhone chargers and found shocking results.

How safe is your iPhone charger?

Nearly all of the chargers tested had the potential to start a fire or cause a lethal electric shock.

In the report Electrical Safety first stated: “A genuine Apple charger contains over 60 individual components, while a counterfeit contains an average of just 25.”

Many fake chargers are made in China, sometimes for as little as 3p.

Fake iPhone chargers have less than half the components that are in real Apple chargers.

The majority of these chargers do not satisfy UK safety regulations and could cause serious injury.

Before buying your next charger think twice whether the price is worth the risk.

Read the whole report on Electrical Safety First’s website

iPhone picture available via Creative Commons