South East Is Transgender Hate Crime Hotspot

The South East had the highest amount of transgender hate crimes reported in England and Wales last year.

The most recent data shows the region beats areas including London with the highest numbers of cases.

Official statistics from Home Office reveal the number of occurrences in Kent alone has more-than tripled in the past year.

Transgender hate crime has been rising every year since 2011 and is likely to continue.


There is a large LGBT community within the South East and specifically Canterbury.

Resident Drag Host at Canterbury’s main LGBT night Glitterbomb, Dean Heckley, is surprised at the figures.

“Working at Steinbeck and Shaw we recently experienced a few issues which we completely over looked before regarding the toilet situation, where a female transitioning to a male was rudely asked to leave the male toilets.”

Following this incident Steinbeck & Shaw and Glitterbomb were able to open a gender neutral toilet.

Heckley believes that this is a ‘huge step forward in society’.

Steinbeck and Shaw Drag Queen Lana Evoli agreed that she is surprised with the statistic.

“It surprises me but also doesn’t surprise me.

 I tend to surround my self with positivity and I block out when people shout abuse and looks or anything like that because it doesn’t bother me.”


Sam Feeney, 51, from St Ives has identified as a trans man for 9 years.

Speaking about the statistics, when asked if the statistics surprised him he said,

“Yes it does actually. I probably would’ve guessed higher in cities. It is suprising.

As a trans man I don’t usually experience day to day issues in my community as perhaps trans women do. A lot of what I have experienced was online.”

Sam is currently undergoing a police investigation following online abuse linked to being transgender.

Rising numbers of transgender hate crimes leave campaigners worrying that people that experience the discrimination won’t feel comfortable reporting it.

New research conducted by YouGov on behalf of LGBT charity Stonewall, found that four in five of trans people did not report their crimes due to fear of further discrimination or not being taken seriously.