Stop the homeless from being attacked this winter

More than 3,000 people in Kent face homelessness this Christmas, with 150 thought to be sleeping rough. Cases come to a serious urge as the homeless are being attacked whilst sleeping. Issues are so bad one women in particular from the Maidstone area has had her tent set a lite whilst she was sleeping inside, the BBC reported.

As winter time is appearing, the weather has fallen to less that 2 degrees. Luckily for most families they have a solid roof over their head, heating and food to keep them warm and healthy this winter.

Sadly, not everyone has the comfort of their own home leading the homeless fearing or their life this festive season. However there are many things we can do to help the homeless this winter.


Amber from ‘The Medway Street Angels’ works for shelters around Medway and tries to help as many homeless as possible.

‘ Unfortunately I can’t see a way to protect the homeless without more sheltered housing especially as the temperatures drop. They need to reintegrate into society on a positive step. Think of what a conversation would do for them. Character is measured on how you treat people, who can give you nothing.’ She says.

There are so many charities that the public can donate to, people in the local area have decided to step in and use their popularity to spread around the issues via social media.


Callum Anderson is one of those people. He decided to make a Facebook page this month called ‘help the homeless’ by gathering tinned food and blankets from his Facebook friends who are willing to give a helping hand.

‘ I’m going on Sunday to Sunderland city centre to do some research my aim is to hand out hot meals like soup etc and be company for people but now more people or getting involved with amazing ideas, I think the only way to stop violence on the street is to give homeless people support and the chance to make a change, and to do that we need more accommodation more jobs and more government support’. Says Callum.

As a community we can help the homeless this winter. no one deserves to fear for their life. Help the homeless.


Canterbury area is one of the most well known areas for rough sleepers in the South East. Catching lives is a charity that work with the homeless in Canterbury.

Co-ordinator deputy Ellie from Catching Lives Canterbury says’ We open our doors throughout winter and have 20 beds for the night to help protect rough sleepers, we have calculated 70 rough sleepers in the area which means each night we have to pick and chose who can sleep in St Pauls Church, the resources are low, but we try so hard.’

The main reason people are struggling is lack of resources this winter, the shelters are too small to hold bedding for enough rough sleepers and volunteers are always needed.

‘We constantly look for volunteers to simply just play games with the needed.’