The Longest Week Off: The soundtrack to your lockdown

If you’re not bored of dancing around your bedroom (or kitchen or living room) with a hairbrush microphone and your music full blast and you have completely rinsed your entire collection of Spotify playlists. And maybe you think if you listen to drake one more time, you’re not sure what you’re going to do, then I have some album suggestions for you.

Music is a proven release of dopamine in the brain and in challenging times such as now, I’m sure it’s a crutch many rely on. Whether you use it to motivate your day, drown out the sound of your family (how did I not realise people could be this loud?), or it’s what accompanies you on your new found running hobby, I have the soundtrack to your lockdown right here.


Fiona Apple: Fetch The Bolt Cutters

8 years after her last studio album, this unusual yet intimate sound erupts onto the scene. Apple recorded the album in her Venice beach home and it’s very rare that you’ll find an artist using the foundations of her life (literally) to create a record. Pounding on walls, using kitchen utensils and skipping ropes, Apple presents a unique sound. There’s a difference to Fiona’s usual sounds, but a familiarity longstanding fans will appreciate. Its half conversational half sung tone makes it personal and you become its confidante, this album has a NEED to be heard.

Song Suggestion: Under The Table


Solange: True

An older addition now, this EP really establishes Solange and puts her in her own. After several years of struggling she finally found her voice with this 80s RnB inspired, heavy keyboard sound. Cementing her place as more than Beyoncé’s younger sister. With whimsical almost synth pop tones at times, the lyrics are sometimes a stark contrast. The contradiction between the 80s upbeat tone and the sullen and almost angst of the lyrics truly initiate the chaos that is grounded by her powerful vocal presence. If you want to dance, listen to this!

Song Suggestion: Losing You


Crowded House: Woodface

The melancholy on Woodface is undeniable but in the catchy songs and delicate melodies you certainly become well acquainted with Crowded House’s sound on their third album. Although it has the same easy listening qualities as songs from previous albums, there is a different quality of depth to the lyrics which takes a few listens to fully grasp. There are many faces to Woodface, the variation makes it satisfying to listen to. If you want to get in your feelings, I really recommend this.

Song Suggestion: Fall at your feet


Kanye West: The College Dropout

Kanye’s introduction to the hip-hop scene presents an honest and heartfelt look at the artists formative years. After working on Jay-Z’s album and a near death experience, it finally came to life. There’s a lot to admire about the grit that comes from this album, it adheres itself as one of the cornerstones of modern rap, free from constraints of rap which bound it to violence lead lyrics. It’s like taking a hard shot of whisky, there’s a punch to it at first, lingers for a moment, but its silky going down when you fully absorb what it’s all about. This album will make you a Kanye fan.

Song Suggestion: Two Words


Charli XCX: Pop 2

Pop 2 is heavy dance synth influenced and sends you on an experimental dreamlike journey, disorientating the listener. Charli takes the typical pop girl aesthetic and turns it on its head. Typical formulaic song structure has been thrown out the window, and Charli does what she wants. Feeling like you’ve been submerged into a video game of sorts, glitching sounds and heavy auto-tune influence this album. It is bright and springy and pounces at you from the first tack. Charli is not constrained to a pop box and she wants you to hear it. Definitely one to get you motivated for a long run.

Song Suggestion: Track 10


Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the night

Tango in the night announces itself, it’s an album that should’ve been a disaster, a recording process riddled in addiction and alcoholism. With sparkly ballads such as ‘Everywhere’ it’s easy to forget the refection of pain in other songs. Its overall glossy finish is a strife contrast to the members personal lives. Tango in the night is therapy not only for the band but for the listener too, what could’ve been broken was turned into art and for that reason alone it’s a worthwhile listen. Put it on while you’re making dinner and dance around your kitchen!

Song Suggestion: Seven Wonders