The meaning of Christmas has been lost

The season to be jolly is gradually nearing closer. It is a daunting time for many with the rush to buy presents and retailors constantly reminding us to do so. A lot of people will grow tired of the Christmas season before it has even begun.

Great retailers of the street open up their doors, showcasing festive displays and twinkling light, all in a bid to compel the people who walk through the door. Everyone rushes to the shops in panic. They worry people are not going to like the gift you have brought, or heaven forbid you don’t have enough food.

Companies spend millions on advertisements and Christmas related products each year. But has the true meaning of Christmas been lost to the power of the Highstreet?

We live in a time where we spend fortunes on gifts, food and decorations. Christmas has become a time where consumerism is at its finest.  Over the years I fear the greatest tradition of all has been forgotten. Spending time with loved ones, friends and families. Celebrating the year that has passed and all of the achievements. Even the small ones.

The dreaded Christmas Wrapping

Throughout time growing up the meaning of Christmas was believing in Father Christmas and leaving out a glass of milk, some mince pies and carrots for the reindeer. In primary school you spent your lessons making Christmas cards. And giving cards to every single person in you class, even the ones you didn’t get along with. And best of all your school nativity. However, these were the best things about Christmas.

As you get older Christmas means something else entirely. Your card list becomes shorter and you are not the star of any nativity.  You work the holidays away and pick up extra hours to make a bit more money. When the holiday finally comes around we are exhausted.


The rush of Boxing Day sales where people fight to grab the bargains.

The only downfall I consider is Boxing day sales. I couldn’t think of anything worse to do with my Boxing day. Getting up early and going to a crowded store where most of the people have hangovers.

Every year the place I work at opens at about 6am on Boxing day. We spend the evening of Christmas eve preparing and setting up the store for the sales. Whilst this isn’t entirely a bad experience there are better places I would rather be the night before Christmas.

People shouldn’t be made to work at Christmas. Employees have families which they want to see. However when you have to go to work it spoils the mood and you cannot truly relax. We will survive without the shops being open for one more day. Aldi and Lidl have set the standard with closing for Boxing Day. I believe others should follow suit.


Do you think shops should open on Boxing Day?

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