Tonbridge council receive £1.3 million cash boost to support services


Tonbridge and Malling Borough council has received £1.3 million as funding to support local services affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Local authority reported that it made £700,000 loss during April.

On April 18th, a £1.6 billion stimulus package for all local authorities was announced by Robert Jenrick, Minister of Houses, Communities and Local Government.

It’s a boost in tough times as Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council received £40,538 from the first set of payments.

However, A TMBC spokesperson signalled that extra financial support would be required for services to run efficiently in the future.

When speaking to Timeslocalnews, he said: “This is a welcome contribution from central government and recognises the severe financial pressures councils are under

The most recent cash boost will be used to recoup for the additional costs that occurred during lockdown so far.

Essential systems will be the focal point of the fund. Money will be used to accommodate homeless people in temporary homes.

So far, the council has been able to home around 20 homeless sleepers.

The fund will also be used to aid businesses and to compensate those who have made loss from investments from conventional council services.

Environmental health, Waste collection, Licensing and planning are to be included.

A loss of £3 to £5 million has been estimated for the financial year 2020-21 due to the financial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Adjoining authority Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has also extra funding as approximately £1.1 million was received.

This follows the initial £41,822 it received in March.

To support the NHS discharge process. £1.3 billion was allocated so that patients who no longer needed priority treatment could go back home.

This freed up 15,000 hospital beds for those with the Coronavirus.

The first council payment aimed at supporting social care was used to make this possible.

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