Top 10 films you missed this year

2019 was a great year for film, but many fantastic features didn’t end up getting the attention they deserved. Here are my top 10 films you missed in 2019.

10. Late night

Late Night follows budding writer Molly Patel – played by Mindy Kaling – as she begins working for a late night talk show hosted by Katherine Newbury – Emma Thompson. Originally a diversity hire, Molly quickly makes an impression as the two become close.


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9. Alita: Battle Angel

Based on the manga of the same name, Alita: Battle Angel takes place thousands of years in the future following an interplanetary war. Alita, a cyborg with no memory is rescued from a scrapheap by scientist called Dr Dyson. As she begins to explore the world Dyson works to keep the bleaker parts of her past from her.


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8. Missing Link

Sir Lionel Frost, a struggling explorer looking to be accepted into the “Society of Great Men” discovers a sasquatch following a mysterious letter tipping him off. The sasquatch – dubbed Mr Link – asks for help reaching family in the Himalayas, Link agrees and the pair set off.


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7. Official Secrets

Set in the run up to the Iraq war, Official Secrets chronicles British intelligence specialist Katherine Gun – Keira Knightley – as she finds an NSA memo detailing plains by the US & UK governments to blackmail members of the UN Security Council. Faced with this, she must decide whether to follow her conscience even if it means defying her government.


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6. And Then We Danced

Merab has trained to dance with the National Gregorian Ensemble since childhood with his partner Mary, but as another man joins he becomes conflicted between rivalry & desire.

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5. Bad Times At The El Royale

Set in the early 70s Bad Times At The El Royale follows four guests to the titular hotel. Staffed by a single clerk & otherwise deserted the guests go about their business; murder, secret service plots & cult takeovers.

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4. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Three children discover an initially blank notebook. As time passes the pages fill, telling graphic stories about their and their friends deaths. To the groups horror these stories become true, pitting them against living scarecrows, a man with detachable limbs and more in a fight for their lives. Story by Guillermo del Toro of Pacific Rim & The Shape of Water fame.

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3. The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Friends Jimmie & Mont try to take back the house built by the formers Grandfather, on a journey that connects them to their past. Loosely based on the two filmmakers own experiences.

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2. Midsommar

A struggling couple travels to Sweden to attend a rural festival with a twist. Once they arrive it quickly becomes clear that many of the customs aren’t for the faint of heart. Death, rituals & disappearances follow.

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1. Booksmart

Booksmart follows high school wall flowers Amy & Molly. The day before graduation the pair realise they have wasted 4 years of their lives doing nothing but studying and pledge to make up for lost time with one night of partying before college.

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