Top 5 deals for students this Black Friday

Today is the day, the day where we all have an excuse to spend money we don’t have on items we don’t need but due to the huge discounts and offers we feel as if we can’t miss out. With Christmas around the corner and simply being the typical broke student why not treat yourself?

When phone apps such as UNIDays and Student Beans get you through your shopping habits and help you take advantage of that student loan on any normal day, most brands will offer an extra discount on black friday just for students.  To make use of these discounts but want to take a more sensible approach and buy items you may need or will come in handy as a student, here are some ideas that may be useful and on a budget to help you get through your years of study:


A laptop or some sort of device to do work and take notes on is key for a student and although it’s almost the end of semester 1, having one will save your life for the rest of your uni  experience and even when you graduate. HP are having huge discounts, with the biggest being ‘Up to £400 off’ on most of their products. A bonus for students is with the UNIDays app which offers free delivery on orders over £25 when using the given code.


This may sound like a waste of money when you could just make instant coffee, but when late night study sessions or early starts to your day, a coffee maker will be your best friend as a student. It’ll be there for you through your stressful and long days. So why not cop yourself a coffee pod machine. Amazon is selling a Bosch Coffee Machine for £29.99 which gives you £5 off, which along with using Student Beans discounted student prime offer it’ll be on your doorstep within a day, early enough to help fight your deadlines!

Treat yourself with a freshly brewed coffee every morning.

This one is more of a treat yourself rather than a necessity, but as Winter is approaching and temperatures lowering, a new warm and cosy wardrobe is needed. ASOS sell a range of brands including Nike, Adidas and Converse just to name a new, so whatever your clothing tastes are ASOS will be able to accomodate to your style at much lower prices. ASOS black Friday deals are up to 70% off everything, no matter the brand or product. So get yourself your winter wardrobe!


If you study a course within the creative arts Adobe apps are a huge help for creating your work, but to purchase and download them yourself it ends up costing you a lot when you know you can just access it on your uni PCs. But luckily enough Adobe has given all it’s apps a 40% discount, with all apps package going from £49.94 to £30.34 a month or if you would prefer the student package with a selected amount of apps its £16.24 down to £13.15 a month. 


Headphones are so important, whether it’s for doing work, listening to music, film or TV, they will always come in handy, especially for a student. Every technology website will have discounts on every headphone brand so there may be an overwhelming choice, but electrical brand Sony are selling their Sony WH-CH510 bluetooth wireless, with mic and remote headphones for £34.99 which has a £10 discount.  This is worth the grab, especially when other good quality head/earphones retail for over £100.

Get lost in some music with new headphones.


What have you purchased this black friday?  What were the best offers you came across? Let us know in the comments!