Top 5 ‘struggle’ meals you can make with your leftovers

With the end of the academic year fast approaching many university students will be returning home for the summer in the coming weeks.

For many this will be an exciting time, however for the unforgotten food stuffed at the back of the fridge, or the cans rolling around in the cupboard behind the sink, these last few weeks will be very touch and go.

As with the inevitable fate of being thrown in the bin due to the lack of creative juices flowing through students minds, we thought we could help.

Canterbury hub reporter Sanchia Saunders explores the culinary range of meals you can create to turn your ‘struggle meals’ into a five-star banquet.

Pizza wrap

Everybody loves pizza especially here in the UK, which is why when the ‘Pizza wrap’ began circulating the net on popular social media platform Tik Tok, it instantly became the perfect meal to recreate.

As with virtually anything being able to be used as a topping, this five minute meal will come in handy when trying to use up your last bits of ‘uni’ food, instead of throwing them out.

Pasta Bake

Pasta which is an essential staple when trying to navigate your way around any uni kitchen, is one of the first things you should turn to if you are out of fancy dinner ideas, and in need of a good hearty meal.

From spaghetti, to macaroni and cheese, pasta can do it all. Therefore a pasta bake is one of the best struggle meals you can make in your last weeks of uni, as with a sauce, cheese, and a filling of your choice you are good to go.

Falafel wrap

Trying to budget your spending at uni can be hard, which is why it’s very likely that you have ended up with a can of 45p chickpeas in the back of your cupboard that you bought when trying to follow those “Healthy meals all under £1” on Youtube, and now you have no idea what to do with them.

Look no further as believe it or not chickpeas can prove for a tasty healthy meal. As if you mash, season, and fry these little nuggets of goodness and throw them in a crispy salad filled wrap you’ve turned a 45p can of chickpeas into a restaurant worthy mediterranean dish.

Chickpea Curry

If we stay on the chickpea wave, a chickpea curry is another example of how you can utilise and repurpose your ‘boring’ can of chickpeas.

With curry being one of Brits favourite Friday night takeaways, using chickpeas to recreate your favourite curry dish can be a lot easier than you think.

As with a can of coconut, some chickpeas, and add ons of your choice the ‘chicken korma’ you have been craving could be yours for half the price.

Burrito Bowl

Finally rice is something that everyone often has but doesn’t know what to do with, which is why with a colourful rice bowl you can transform your boring basmati rice to a tasty flavourful bowl.

Meat, veg, and a sauce of your choice you can take your basic rice dinners to a whole new level.

If cooking isn’t your forte then unwanted food can always be donated to local food banks, you can often find donation boxes at entrances and exits of supermarkets like Asda and Tesco.

Now you’ve read through our suggestions, go and make yourself a delicious meal – you deserve it.

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