Watch: Why Medway believes it should be the City of Culture 2025

Medway’s promotional video to become City of Culture in 2025 premiered last night.

Organisers behind the bid and members of the local community joined KMTV to discuss the campaign and to show the video for the first time.

The campaign video highlighted some of the best sites to visit in the Medway towns and showed how culturally diverse the community is. The video features the Chatham Historic Dockyard, the River Medway, Rochester Castle and Cathedral, as well as local businesses.

The bid, to become the UK’s City of Culture 2025, is run by the Department for Digital, Culture, Music and Sport (DCMS)  and takes place every four years. Its aim is to showcase the culture and creativity in the community, as well as to encourage innovation and the development of the area.

Whilst there is no prize other than the title, the chance to compete and winning comes with nationwide recognition for the city’s creative and cultural development. There is also the chance of funding and more opportunities for tourism and community development.

During the broadcast on KMTV the Bid Director, Imogen Robertson, said: “People are really needing something to rally behind and back at the moment. Culture has been in all its forms, a massive part of how people have got through the last year of lockdown.

“I think there are so many brilliant examples from across Medway of showing how strong Medway is when we come together. Lots of that has been led by the local culture sector. Loads of it has been around lots of the public installations and artwork that have taken over our streets.”

People have been encouraged to get involved and to show their love for Medway 2025.

You can watch the full video here.